Hubungan Covid 19 Terhadap Sektor Pendidikan, Ekonomi Dan Pertanian (Ekologi) Di Indonesia


  • wirman tobing Universitas Islam Negeri Sumatera Utara


Covid 19; Pandemic; Education dan Ecology


2020 is a worrying year for all countries, including Indonesia. This is due to the emergence of the Covid 19 outbreak, which originated in Wuhan City of China, and spread throughout the world. Initially the government did not follow the method used by several other countries related to information provided about the corona covid-19 virus, namely by conducting a quick reaction of prevention socialization. The study uses qualitative research methods with a literary and empirical approach. The data obtained comes from several regulations, such as the Governor and several other regulations and policies, as well as phenomena that occur in the field. For education which is currently side by with the rapid development of Information Technology especially the internet opens opportunities for the development of better information services in educational institutions. After the outbreak of the 19th pandemic to Indonesia in mid-March 2020, the local government issued a policy in the world of education, which is to temporarily eliminate direct face-to-face learning and is replaced by online learning. Then the limitation of activities due to the Covid 19 pandemic losses. The loss will only be covered if the crisis can be ended before causing a massive bankruptcy of the business. And than ecology, Greta Thunberg always Express “Our house is on fire, There is no time let it be destroyed” From the campaign “Stayathome” Hopefully inspire us to obey the environtment without damage and always protect it because our earth is a mosque and our earth is a home. We are not the only one occupant, but many other creatures also living on earth.



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