Dinamika Komunikasi Digital: Tren, Tantangan, dan Prospek Masa Depan

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Diva Andzani
Ilmu Komunikasi, Magister Ilmu Komunikasi, Universitas Pelita Harapan
Staf Pengajar Ilmu Komunikasi Fisip UI dan MIKOM FISIP UPH

This study explores the dynamics of digital communication, focusing on trends, challenges, and future prospects. The research method used is a literature review, which involves the identification, selection, analysis, and synthesis of relevant information sources. The research findings reveal that current trends in digital communication include increased use of social media, the dominance of instant messaging applications, and changes in video content consumption. Social media has enabled us to expand our social networks globally but has also given rise to issues such as digital social isolation and the pressure to constantly share happiness. Instant messaging applications have brought efficiency to communication but also pose challenges such as distractions and privacy concerns. The consumption of video content has transformed how we consume entertainment and art, creating trends like "binge-watching”. In addition to trends, this study also highlights the impact of trends on social and cultural interactions. While digital communication has expanded social networks and enabled participation in social campaigns, there are also challenges such as "digital social isolation" and difficulties in conveying emotions in text communication. Ethical challenges in digital communication encompass data privacy, the spread of false information, digital surveillance, copyright issues, the power of tech companies, content filtering, and the use of user data for advertising. Ethical solutions involving privacy, justice, and freedom of speech should be considered to create a more ethical digital communication environment.

Keywords: Digital Communication Dynamics, Digital Communication Trends, Digital Communication Challenges, , Future Prospects of Digital Communication